Francesca Gives Back


Francesca Luca and Dudley

As an acrylic painter and colorist, my goal is to exude a vibrant energy and vitality that engages directly with the viewer.  I use art to express my inner emotions infusing passion and spirit into my work.  My inspiration comes from my love and preoccupation with vivid color, combining spontaneous and daring color explorations.

The creative process for me is the art of transferring my feelings from the palette onto the canvas.  Even in my most serene compositions, I can’t help but work with a sense of adventure. Since my approach is mostly concerned with mood to create a sense of drama and excitement, my work is considered joyful and uplifting.

Having studied Expressive Art Therapies at Lesley University in Cambridge, the emphasis of my painting is on the expressive process, making a personal statement.  I have come to know that art is a tool for wholeness and integrity, therefore, I am more  interested in the process of painting rather than the rules of visual accuracy, as I realize that the image that needs to appear eventually will if I trust the process. 
I studied with Betty Carr at the Scottsdale Artists`School in Scottsdale, Arizona; and attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.  

My art has been exhibited at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in the “Illuminations” Program since 2005.

Currently I am donating a portion of the proceeds from my artwork to ASPCA®. If you would like to purchase a painting or receive more information about my artwork, contact me.

Surround yourself with beauty and never skimp on the flowers!


As Program Manager of Illuminations, a rotating art exhibit housed in the waiting areas of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston, MA, I am responsible for promoting an environment of healing, through the visual arts.  Illuminations has had the privilege of displaying Francesca’s work in two separate exhibits; Francesca’s work transforms a standard waiting area into a space in which patients can engage with the energy and vibrancy of her work or simply let their eyes be delighted and their minds distracted by her bold and playful use of color.  The inclusion of Francesca’s work in the Illuminations program has inspired patients to gain hope and strength through art during their healing process, while further supporting our program’s belief that the environment in which care is delivered aids healing.”
Stefanie Sordillo-Ryan, MA Art Therapy
Illuminations Program Manager

Recently we attended a reception and showing of Francesca’s works of art. The art was beautifully displayed.  One of Francesca’s paintings called “Crazy in Love” really caught my eye and I thought it would look perfect over the fireplace in our new home in Maine. I was right, it looks beautiful and adds a little “Love” to our special place. Francesca “Thank You” and on cold evenings in Maine, while in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, we will think of you as we enjoy your lovely painting.
Richard Auth, Peabody

“As an Interior Designer I am constantly searching for artists that have a unique and thoughtful style.   I was fortunate to meet Francesca at an art show displaying her work.  It was obvious to me at first glance that this artist had a true understanding and beautiful use of color, texture and movement.  Francesca’s lighthearted spirit transfers magically onto her canvas.  I delight in introducing my clients to her wonderful works of art.”
Debra N. Torris, ASID allied
Interior Designer

“Dear Francesca,
I hope that this email finds you well, and thank you for your interest in Agora Gallery located at 530 West 25th Street in the center of the most significant art district of New York City.I am pleased to inform you that your work qualifies for Agora Gallery representation.I feel that  your color and “emotionally” saturated paintings will resonate well in New York and with our international audience…Angela Di Bello/Director/Agora Gallery”