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      Olga Korbut, 4x Olympic Gold Medalist


      Bringing Peace into the Room


      The Resilient Woman with Dr. Pat O'Gorman


      Mind/Body Health with Dr. Alice Domar



      Wabi Sabi Love, Arielle Ford

      The Return of Desire with Gina Ogden

      Dr Fred Luskin, The Stanford Forgiveness Project

      Dr.Harriet Lerner, Marital Rules

      Garland Waller and Barry Nolan(Evening Magazine) Documentary, No Way Out But One; discussion with Garland on Domestic Violence and Family Courts

      Scared to Leave, Afraid to Stay with Barry Goldstein, continuing the discussion on family courts

      Dr. Deborah Bershel's Transgender Experience

      Mastering Life's Challenges with Dr. Steven Southwick

      Empty Nest Syndrome and Mentoring Your Kids Through the College Years

      Cheating and the Truth About it, M. Gary Neumann, Licensed Family Counselor, Author of : Why Men Stray And What You Can Do To Prevent It

      Jim Silver, Criminal Attorney and Dr. Stanton Samenow, Criminal Psychologist, Inside the Mind of A Criminal

      Kevin Weeks, Where's Whitey, Top right hand man to Whitey Bulger

      Dr. Michael Yogman, Pediatrician on Attachment Parenting

      Dr. Peggy Drexler, Raising Boys Without Men

       Sara Lawrence Lightfoot, Discussing Exits and Goodbyes

       Dr. Christiane Northrup, Book: Secret Pleasures of Menopause

      Mark Beckoff, The Emotional Life of Animals

      Dr. Irving Kirsch, The Placebo Effect of Antidepressants

      Dr. Brian Berger Medical Director Boston IVF

      Social Worker, Lynn Nichols discusses the psychological aspects of egg donation

      Death With Dignity Act Advocate, Dr. Marcia Angell and Heather Clish

      Death With Dignity Act Opposed, Dr. Elizabeth Lamont and Dr. Lynda Young

      Anne Haas, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Is there a Connection with Bullying and Suicide

      Dr. Christiane Northrup, Mother-Daughter Wisdom

      Dr. Abraham Morgentaler Men's Health Boston

      Irritable Male Syndrome, Dr. Jed Diamond

      Connecting To Love-Rabbi M. Gary Neumann

      Will I Ever Be Good Enough?, Dr. Karyl McBride Speaks About Narcissistic Mothers

      Breast Cancer Stamp, Dr. Ernie Bodai

      Travis Roy Foundation

      Mark Vonnegut, Someone Without Mental Illness, Only More So

      Dr. Suzanne Koven on Menopause

      Dr. Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance

      Dr. Francine Shapiro, Developer EMDR

      The Heart of Addiction, Dr. Lance Dodes

      Noel Biderman, Established Men

      Donna Palomba, Jane Doe No More

      Holiday Expectations and Letdowns, Kathy Goldblatt, Psychotherapist and Miss Conduct, Robin Abrahams

      Melissa Febos, Memoir WhipSmart

      Holiday Drama and What to do About it with Coach Meg Moore and Dr. Paul Hammerness /Author and Science Editor of Time Magazine Jeffrey Kluger, The Sibling Effect

      The Hooker's Daughter a Memoir by Dale Stanten

      Where to dine, What to wear and How to Put Your Best Foot Forward for the Holidays

      Dr. June Gruber Professor of Psychology Yale University speaks on The Dark Side of Happiness