Nationally Recognized Guests’ Comments


A call you had with Karyl McBride a couple of years ago really changed my life – so a weekend without “Talk With Francesca” is like a weekend without sunshine for me!
— Pat. T

“Thanks for the wonderful interview this morning. It was a blast! You’re seriously one of the better interviewers I’ve had. Thank you, as well, for plugging the book. Means the world.”
Lee Kravetz
Author of Supersurvivors

“Francesca is very perceptive and helps to bring out the key concepts and practical tips for her listeners. Engaging and creative questions for a thoughtful discussion.”
Dr. Nancy Rappaport
Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

“I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Francesca. It was wonderful to talk with a host who read and understood my book, and who asked such insightful questions. We had a long, thoughtful conversation, with great questions from listeners. It felt like talking to a good friend.”
Sara Eckel
Author of It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single

“I’ve been on thousands of interview shows. Being with Francesca was one of the best. She brings out the most important aspects of the topic which makes for a passionate and informative interchange. Listen, learn, and enjoy.”
Jed Diamond, PhD, author
-Stress Relief For Men: How To Use the Revolutionary Tools of Energy Healing to Live Well
-The Irritable Male Syndrome: Understanding the 4 Key Causes of Depression and Aggression

“You are one fab talk show host, Francesca! Burn up those air waves with the truth.”
Tracy Miller, Gazelle Feng Shui

“Thank you Francesca for having me on your wonderful program. I have done thousands of hours of radio over the years, and it is always a pleasure to be interviewed by someone like yourself, who is knowledgeable about the topic being discussed, knows how to keep things interesting in an interview, and has a sharp sense of humor that comes through over the air. Thank you and keep up the great work!”
Kendall Almerico
Crowdfunding Expert
CEO of and
Founder of

“Francesca is a smart and lively interviewer. She gets the story with humor and warmth.”
Jane Isay
Author of, Secrets and Lies: Surviving the Truths That Will Change Our Lives

“Being interviewed by Francesca is like chatting over coffee with that smart, funny girlfriend who’s never afraid to tell it like it is. She’s intellectually curious, super dynamic and just plain fun. One of the best interview experiences I’ve ever had.”
Nica Noelle

“Want to speak to a smart, witty woman who gets what you’re saying? Want to feel like you’re speaking to a girlfriend instead of being torn apart by some wanna-a-be? Then Talk With Francesca I have, and am about to do so again (I hope) for my third book on women and resilience. Not only will you not be sorry, you’ll actually be happy that you did….”
Patricia O’Gorman Ph.D

“Doing a radio interview live can be an anxiety-producing experience, but not if your interview is with Francesca Luca. Sure, she asks some of the tough questions that everyone wants to know; but her charm, grace and quiet self confidence are completely disarming. She made the interview fun, informative, surprising and after the show, I felt I had made a good friend.”
Kathleen Goldblatt, Jungian Psychoanalyst

“Francesca – Terrific interview. I thank you and Dorothy Kilgallen thanks you.”

“I loved our interview today – you are an outstanding program host!  And so knowledgeable and passionate too – I can see why you have such a great following!”
— Diane Huth
“Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to appear this morning on your show. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and the natural flow of it. You really put me at ease and we’re very engaged and engaging. So much positive energy.”
— Angeletta

“Dear Francesca, Thanks for having me on your recent program. I was surprised as to the open and honest conversation that evolved from your other guest. Kudos to you for having professionals as well as everyday regular people on your program to discuss various issues and sometimes shaded subjects that others keep in the closet. You need to expand your program nationally to enlighten so many more. You have opened a new frontier interesting subject matter for your listeners to appreciate. Keep up the good work !”
Murray A. Frank

“Francesca is a terrific talk show host. She is entertaining, smart, and welcoming. Her radio show, “Talk with Francesca,” addresses real issues, has great conversation, and offers up a lot of practical information and solutions listeners can use to enhance their lives or the life of someone they know, probably immediately.

As a guest on her show, I love how she is able to take the science I talk about and help listeners see and strategize ways to start implementing cutting edge brain training techniques to improve focus, attention, and bring immediate relief for stress, insomnia, and other psychological and physical conditions they might be dealing with.

She really gets to the core of what we (her guests) can offer her listeners and brings it forward. The best part of “Talk with Francesca,” however, is Francesca herself. Her personality beams right through the radio waves and brightens your whole day—and also your mind. Have fun listening. And listen often!”
Dr. Joseph Cardillo
Professor and best-selling author

“Francesca is a wonderful host – engaging, insightful, and able to draw people out to ensure a truly enlightening conversation. It was such a pleasure to appear on her show speaking about my book, Reinventing You, and would recommend her show highly to anyone. Francesca keeps the conversation lively and by the end of the program, you really feel you’ve learned something new and had a meaningful exchange.”
Dorie Clark
Author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future

“Hello. A whirlwind of thoughts that somehow found a way to be expressed through the myriad of well thought-out and spontaneous questions that generated an honest and engaging conversation with Francesca. I enjoyed her show very much. I look forward to listening to more conversations, and to being on her show again.”
Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

“I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion – thanks for having me.”
Peggy Drexler

“My experience in appearing on your show on behalf of LEAP to talk about the important issue of drug policy reform was very positive. Francesca you were well prepared and informed and asked thoughtful and provocative questions to probe the position of our organization, which advocates ending drug prohibition and replacing criminal regulation with legalization and regulation as a public health issue.”
John Amabile
Amabile and Burkly, Boston

“Thank you that was an absolutely wonderful show. I loved it because you asked such interesting questions. You’re a wonderful host and please know that I don’t say that to just anyone. Such a smart show. I hope I did a good job!”
Amy Alkon, The Advice Goddess

“I have experienced the dynamic voice of Francesca as a Radio Talk Show Host on Talk With Francesca exercising her high acumen of insight, understanding and self knowledge paired with her positive energy, pizazz, her quick wit and natural ability to emote spirited dialog, balanced with clarity, wisdom, respect and skill of channeling the intuitive flow of ideas and the perceptions of her audience – fans and followers alike – when promoting Women’s issues on her show.
Talk With Francesca is the platform for women to have a voice on the air for expressing their ideas, concerns, emotions, impassioned pleas, their conditions and ways to address them, constructively knowing they are being heard and receiving the collective support they may seek on issues of the day and those close to their heart. It is essential to have Talk With Francesca on the air, a unique Women’s show adored and well-liked by fans and followers alike.”
Monika Kratzmann